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MidAmerican is fortunate to have a strong experienced senior management team to oversee the cleaning operations for the MidAmerican family of clients. The emphasis on follow-through and attention to detail comes from our managers and filters down through our organization.

Betty Stacks

Senior Vice President
• Betty Stacks joined MidAmerican in 2002. She brings a wealth of experience from her 20 years of management and customer relations in the commercial cleaning industry. Ms. Stacks oversees operations in Southeast Wisconsin.

• Ms. Stacks literally grew up in the cleaning industry. Her father founded one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the Midwest and she has fond memories of checking buildings on Sunday afternoons (after the Packer game of course!).

• Through many years in the industry she has gained experience in all facets of commercial cleaning. She has managed operations, sales and special services during her career and her depth of experience is highly valued by our clients.

• Betty grew up in Green Bay WI and is a graduate of Trident College.
MidAmerican Building Services
MidAmerican Building Services

Rick Harrington

Senior Vice President
• MidAmerican was pleased to add Rick Harrington to lead our Dane County area office in 2014.

• He brings a wealth of experience from his 25 years of management and customer relations in the commercial cleaning industry.

• Mr. Harrington has been a senior manager at some of Wisconsin’s largest janitorial companies. He has successfully managed janitorial services for a diverse list of clients ranging from multi-million sq. ft. office facilities to large healthcare complexes to large government buildings.

• Mr. Harrington is equally experienced at working with numerous small to medium sized businesses and office suites to provide high quality service that meets their service and cost needs.

Raul Sotelo

Customer Services Manager
• Frequently, the first contact a new MidAmerican client has is with our customer services manager Raul Sotelo.

• Raul joined MidAmerican in 2014 to expand our level of quality client services.

• Raul is expert in understanding our clients cleaning requirements and helping to craft solutions to their needs.

• Contact Raul and he will work with you to create a cleaning program that meets your needs and fits your budget!
MidAmerican Building Services

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