At MidAmerican Building Services, we take our professional cleaning services seriously, especially when it involves large-scale operations that demand precision, dedication, and rapid mobilization.

Our experience with significant projects, including partnerships with the State of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, and Walworth County, highlights our ability to manage and execute cleaning operations under even the most challenging conditions.

Overcoming Challenges with the State of Wisconsin

One of our most notable projects was the start-up for the State of Wisconsin, covering an impressive 1.2 million square feet of office space. This operation showcased our capability to tackle large-scale projects head-on. In late November 2014, we received a request from the State of Wisconsin to take over from a previous contractor that had failed to meet their obligations. The challenge was not only the size of the project but the tight timeline. We were tasked to start on January 1, 2015, giving us barely a month to prepare for the year’s busiest season.

Despite these obstacles, MidAmerican rose to the occasion. By December 1, we signed the contract and immediately set to work. In just 30 days, through the holiday season and without a local office in Madison, we recruited, conducted background checks, and trained over 80 subcontractor cleaners.

Our efforts ensured we were ready to begin service as promised on January 1. This project didn’t just demonstrate our ability to start up a large project quickly; it also showcased our commitment to maintaining high cleanliness and efficiency standards.

Sustained Success and Expansion

Our initial contract with the State of Wisconsin was for the remaining three years of the agreement we had taken over. Following this period, we were selected for an additional five-year term due to our high standards and effective service. Our relationship with the State has continued and grown, as we have since added over 300,000 square feet to our cleaning responsibilities.

Our Approach to Large-Scale Cleaning Operations

Our experiences with Milwaukee County and Walworth County further solidify our reputation as a trusted partner for large, medium, and small-scale cleaning operations. Whether facing straightforward tasks or unique cleaning challenges under difficult conditions, MidAmerican Building Services has consistently delivered quality cleaning services tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Proven Excellence in Cleaning Services

These partnerships reflect our adaptability, resilience, and dedication to excellence. MidAmerican Building Services stands ready to deliver for businesses and government entities looking for reliable cleaning services that can adapt to any scale of operation and overcome any challenge.

Our track record of success with significant start-ups, including those under challenging conditions, positions us as a leader in the cleaning industry, committed to creating cleaner, healthier environments for all our clients.